Parterre The Hour Of Dusk & Gold Eau De Parfum

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Parterre, The Hour Of Dusk & Gold is expertly crafted by a Master Perfumer and is inspired by the warmth of a Moroccan evening.

This fragrance features Persian wild carrot seed grown, harvested and distilled at Keyneston Mill, the home of Parterre.  The seeds have a powdery, mildly spicy scent which enhances the subtle oriental character of the fragrance.

A fusion of Persian wild carrot seed and orris, are embellished nutmeg, angelica root, lavender, and bay. Dusky accents of liquidambar linger on the skin, as soft as silk.

Angelica root. Bay. Nutmeg
Wild carrot seed. Orris. Lavender
Liquidambar. Vanilla. Black pepper
  • Ingredients are grown, harvested and distilled right here in England
  • Exclusively created by a Master Perfumer
  • Suitable for Vegans
The Hour Of Dusk & Gold Parterre
Parterre Eau De Parfum
The Hour Of Dusk & Gold Parterre
Parterre Eau De Parfum

Grown & Distilled in Dorset

From Seed to Bottle

What makes Parterre Eau de Parfum so unique is that all the key ingredients are grown & distilled in Dorset.


From Seed to Bottle