Forget Blue Monday - inject some colour into January

Forget Blue Monday - inject some colour into January

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So today is Blue Monday, which according to psychologist Chris Arnell, is the most depressing day of the year. There's no actual evidence that this is true, it's just become another one of those labelled days - you know the ones I mean, the ones that social media jump all over, driving us mere mortals into a frenzy. Well I can tell you something, we're not having any of those January Blues floating around us at Belle Modelle!

January can be a pretty drab month, I get that. The joy of Christmas feels like a long distant memory, the credit card bills are starting to drop through the door (gulp) and let's face it the weather is often dull, wet, cold and it's so dark! No wander January can be a time of feeling a little blue. All of these elements can lead to an increase in someone's stress, anxiety and depression - which can feel like a dark and lonely place for some individuals. 

A positive take-away from all the media hype that Blue Monday seems to attract, is that is can open up conversations about mental health and perhaps encourage people who wouldn't usually share their feelings to seek some support

At Belle Modelle we are lovers of colour. A splash of colour can really uplift your mood, infact research says that color can absolutely affect your mood, behaviour and stress levels. This applies both to what we wear and what we are surrounded by in our homes - colour psychology is facinating! 

We've decided to fight against the January Blues by offering our customers the chance to win an amazing Ian Snow Bloomingville Chair. This chair is simply stunning - a rainbow of colour, that will hopefully inject a dash of positivity into the home if one very fortunate winner.  


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