A Gift for Mum & A Gift for You

A Gift for Mum & A Gift for You

Being a mum can be a challenging job; spinning plates comes to mind! With other pressures of work, relationships & home shouting for our attention, time and money... would we have accepted the job if we'd actually been issued a full job description! Of course! Because whilst it can be stressful, there is also an immense sense of fulfilment that comes from being a mum - a handbook would be much appreciated though!

Whilst many mums may receive year round appreciation, to have one day when there's a little extra "mum gratitude" showered over you does give you that warm fuzzy feeling and give you a little extra fire in your belly to see you through the year.

It's also important to remember that Mother's Day may evoke other feelings for some people; those who have lost their mum, mum's who have lost children, ladies who cannot have children or those that have found motherhood a heavy burden to bear - whatever challenges people face, consider reaching out to those you know are struggling. A kind word, listening ear or shoulder to lean on can bring some much needed comfort to those who need it. 

At Belle Modelle we are firm believers in making people feel special, from delivering great customer service to carefully selecting products that we hope will leave a lasting happy impression on our customers.

That's why we have decided to host a giveaway for Mother's Day - not just one gift but two! A gift for Mum & A Gift for You...

We've picked out a beautiful MOA Moonlight Scented Candle (who doen't love a scented candle!) & MOA Sunshine Oil - both are made using natural, organic ingredients. 

Belle Modelle Mother's Day GiveawayMOA Scented Candle Belle Modelle

Pop on over to our Instagram page to enter; closing date is 18/03/2020 at 7pm - the winner will be announced 19/3/2020.

Love Team Belle



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